PLANPOINT Page Planning


Effective Page Planning

Planning of newspapers and magazines.
Automatic floating of display and classifieds ads.

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Cloud based planning

One stop planning

PLANPOINT is a single planning solution for display and classified planning. Utilizing the power of the cloud, PLANPOINT is the planning solution for all newspaper and magazine operations.

Stacking display ads

Simple to set up, simple to use

PLANPOINT automatically stacks display ads based on flexible rules that are easy to configure. Publications are built in seconds and changes are easily applied.

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Floating classifieds

Float classifieds in seconds

Floating liners and classifieds happens automatically. Column-based or square-offs, you decide. Or use both on the same page.

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Full zoning control

Empower local markets

PLANPOINT supports multi-level zoning while maintaining a complete overview of the entire plan. It is easy to create or break page dependencies and control local editions and markets.

Page planning resources

Works with your Content Management System

PLANPOINT seamlessly exports plans to leading
Content Management and Editorial Solutions.
Pages can also be exported directly to Adobe InDesign.

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