Creative production

Expanding advertiser
Self-service with pick-ups

Engage advertisers with this new feature on ADPOINT’s portal

ADPOINT’s self-service portal is a game-changer for media companies looking to streamline their interaction with advertisers. Not only does the self-service portal allow advertisers to upload creatives, instant validation ensures ads meet the technical and formatting requirements and prevents errors that would otherwise not have been seen before the ad was published.

Pickup panel in ADPOINT's portal

With the number of creatives being delivered through ADPOINT’s portal, it is only natural that ADPOINT customers are looking to extend its features. This is why we have now introduced the ability for advertisers to initiate pickups.

Advertisers can now see a list of previously published creatives and simply copy these to a current campaign.

It’s fast, secure and simple to do as ADPOINT offers a flexible search feature and a filter to see only creative of the right size. Once a creative is picked-up, the order can be approved just as if the creative had been uploaded again.

Pickups is an option that can be activated based on a number of factors and as such it can be offered to just some advertisers or on just some order types

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